Internet Clampdown Prophecy Fulfilled: Aurini Banned

Last October, Aurini managed to warn us about an eventual clampdown on Internet discourse.  He identified Facebook and YouTube by name.   Corporations have come under the control of brain-washed liberal Gen Xers and hopelessly spellbound feminists.  Now, these corporations are catching on to the social justice warrior (SJW) trend of shutting down the free speech of the Right.  Threats of the destruction of right-wing speech looms across the land.

And, you know, I don’t think I need to tell you people that YouTube, Facebook–these large conglomerations–these are a little bit more than just private companies. Okay? These are archivalists. These are librarians by the very nature of the work they do, and the dominance they have in the industry–they have a moral responsibility to protect freedom of speech, to protect information.

Ripping the ad revenue away from people the way that YouTube is threatening to do with these new terms of service–this has a chilling effect on freedom of speech.

What YouTube is trying to do, is turn it into the Disney Channel. So, if you want to talk garbage about the Kardassians, or Paris Hilton, or if you want to, you know, review the latest Avengers movie, that stuff’s all okay. But as soon as you want to have an actual conversation…it’s turning into the corporate world. The corporation is taking over the entire world. These speech guidelines that you’re expected to obey at work are becoming the standards for everyone everywhere.

Aurini, you were more on target than you ever realized.  Who could have predicted that, within only half a year, you’d be targeted in the manner that you warned us all about?

Indeed.  Last week, Davis Aurini found himself targeted on YouTube, just as he had predicted would happen late last year, and he was shut down.  His account was blocked, even though he was a member in good standing for years.  If you were to check into his channel, you would only see the following text:

This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.

At some point, for whatever reason, YouTube decided to remove the following videos in particular:

-The Erosion of Privacy
-Appearance & Essence; Tradcons & Marriage
-The Question Libertarians Just Can’t Answer (a response to Stefan Molyneux)
-The Corporate Boyfriend
-Dating Advice for Anita Sarkeesian

None of these videos were threatening in any way whatsoever.  However, they are likely to piss off left-wing SJWs–such as Anita Sarkeesian, who may have had a hand in this fiasco.  We all knew this was coming, but I’m surprised that it happened so soon.

Instances such as this are cropping up in many places across the West.  Brendan Eich was forced to resign from Mozilla for daring to support a pro-family non-profit.  Twitter has begun to shadowban users who do not tout the lines of the Left (aided by their squad of SJW leftists, including Anita Sarkeesian).  Facebook, this year, has expelled individuals from the Facebook groups: “#GamerGate & #NotYourShield” and #GG.  Across the pond, in Europe, individuals are finding themselves targeted by their governments for daring to express alarm at the Muslim invasion crisis–with help from Zuckerberg’s Facebook staff, of course.

The Left’s attacks against right-wing speech can even be witnessed in this current Republican primary.

Consider the insane and pre-planned protest assault on yesterday’s Donald Trump rally, as Trump continues on to campaign for the presidency in this Republican primary.  Today, in Kansas City, Trump had something to say about such nasty people.  He stated the following (skip ahead to the 10:54 mark):

You know if we do that to one of their rallies, you know what happens?  Front page how bad we are.  Okay?  Front page.  We do that at one of their rallies, to Bernie or to Hillary, and they would say: “Isn’t that terrible?” The press, the dishonest press!  They’re the most dishonest people in the world.

Watching this spectacle of Leftist infiltrators reminded me about how, back in 2008, the Democratic National Convention decided to put up cages for any right-wing protesters.  Actual cages.  It was ridiculous, and Red Team nicknamed them “Freedom Cages” out of spite.  Can you blame them?

Like Donald Trump said, had he or any Republican candidate utilized cages to hem in protesters, the Left-owned media would rake them over the coals.   Frankly, I think that Obama and those on the Left have set the precedent.  With Donald Trump, we don’t have to have a candidate with a blemishless past.  They have their corrupt leaders, so we can have our corrupt leaders.  Next step?  Use their tactics against them.  Shamelessly.  Without mercy.

The Left–the Blue Team, as Davis Aurini calls them–has no interest in letting you talk.  They don’t even want you to have your job.  They want you fired for who you are.  They want you to be fired, starve, lose your children–probably be shot and thrown in a ditch.  That is what the Left wants.  They do not respect you if you are on the Right.  They will not defend your rights, or your right to voice your opinion.

Blue Team will not relent.  You cannot hide from them.  They will eventually find you, even if you keep your nose clean and your head down, as seen by this incident with Aurini’s ban from YouTube.  As Vox Day said two years ago:

Most conservatives in the corporate community have prided themselves on being “colorblind” with regards to the political spectrum. I suspect that many of them will, sooner or later, understand that they have to abandon that position as being no longer tenable or intellectually justifiable.

Some will attempt to claim to be on a Team Gray.  As if there was some kind of a neutral ground.  As if it were possible to avoid being targeted.  But Vox just made it clear that there will be no safe part of the political spectrum.  And Aurini expands upon this, letting us know that there is no Team Gray.  “Grey Team is Blue Team; they just pretend to be a separate group.”  

No.  There will be no neutral ground.  There will be no safe zone.  Everyone will have to decide which side they are on.  The Culture War in the West is real, and everyone will be dragged into it very soon.  It is inevitable, it is inescapable, it will be winner-take-all, and everyone ignoring it, we can assume, are on Blue Team.  Because there is no Team Gray.

I strongly encourage you to prepare yourself for the battles to come by reading Aurini’s latest article — Red Team vs Blue Team: The Current Political Crisis.

I used the word ‘crisis’ in the title of this piece for two reasons. The first is the most obvious: that we are on the verge of this cold war getting hot once again (the polarization in politics is evidence of that). The second is that the battlefield has changed, and we might very well be in a position where winner takes all.

Our adversaries are getting feisty, folks.  There’s no getting out of this.  It’s time to cowboy up.  It’s rodeo time.

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