The Kingdom of Católica America


“It is surprising to observe how constantly we find that all our political questions involve theological ones.” 

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Confessions of a Revolutionary 

It is pathetic when an admirer of Satan such as Proudhorn is able to see such a basic truth about society, while even the “brightest” minds of our own age fail to grasp such a basic lesson, let alone discern the forest from the trees. Yes, politics and theology go hand in hand. It has all along. There is no separating them. And ultimately, there is never truly any separation of Church and State.

No matter how much the libertarians desire and fawn over the concept of such an unnatural separation, it never existed. Scrape out the Christian soul of a nation, and the vacuum will be replaced by another god that was man-made. As Chris Ferarra states in his book, Liberty: The God That Failed, the West is groaning because it has tried to “free” itself from the influence of the Catholic Church:

What confronts us now is the prospect of life in a terminal civilization that has rejected the ancient dictum, in force throughout the West for more than a thousand years, that “Christianity is the law of the land.” 

Whether it’s the bloodiest century that there ever was, or whether it’s the monstrous levels of reckless hedonism that now rival those of ancient Rome, the evidence for our civilization’s failure is everywhere. If they thought libertine democracy was going to succeed, the god-haters have egg all over their face–that is, if they ever even wanted this Western democratic experiment to succeed in the first
place. (I’m convinced that, on a basic and subconscious level, the “Enlightenment” thinkers merely wanted to tear down all of society and even Creation, if they could get away with it.)

Chris Ferarra tells us about a particular metaphor–the image of a body–which was conceived by John of Salisbury in his work, Policraticus:

According to the metaphor, the Church is the soul of the body politic, the prince its head, ruled by the soul, the judges and governors of the provinces the eyes, ears, and tongue, the financiers the stomach, the citizens in their various capacities the limbs, and so forth. This is not to be understood in the crude libertarian sense of “collectivism” but in the Christian sense of the civitas as an orderly or “perfect” (meaning only self-sufficent) society of individuals ordered to the eternal destiny of each and the common good of all, including the highest common good, which is beautide. 

So, there we have the metaphor of the body politic. However, our modern body politic has no soul whatsoever. It is just a mind that lives to serve its stomach. The princes live to serve the financiers. Other than that, this hideous creature is nothing more than a souless zombie that ambles around in the world, reaching out to feed itself, regardless of the consequences.

Catholic monarchy–the bedrock of stability that formed the West–must return. Without it, we will wither away, and the land will be overtaken by whoever moves in to fill in the vacuum. It should be of little surprise that atheist Europe is being supplanted by the virile, barbarian religion of Islam. The return of a Catholic king will provide a swift response to this invading horde. Languishing in the warm waters of godless hedonism promises us death.

That being said, the current secular body politic will not dare to let Catholicism enter its soul, any sooner than a zombie will sit down and listen to a living man reason with him. The zombie would rather eat the man. The current secular body politic would rather eat the Catholics. The hedonistic seculars will not dare allow anyone to question their “liberty,” no matter how self-destructive it is for society as a whole.

The principles that the American experiment have been founded upon are destroying the foundations of Western Civilization. But the State–the body politic–will do nothing to right itself. So anyone who has taken the Red Pill and is aware of this catastrophe can do nothing but sit and wait it out until the entire edifice comes crashing down like the Fall of Rome. Edward Gibbon, eat your heart out.

We are not helpless, however. We have time and resources that can help us to prepare for something better, and prepare we must. Beyond this wasteland of Freemasonic republics lies an era of monarchs. We can see hints of this in various places. Green shoots sprout here and there, teasing us of a better life. But for now, a Christ-driven monarchy lies dormant.

The Benedict Option 

Discussions of the Benedict Option has sprouted up in various Christian circles, not just the Catholic ones.  The term originated from Rod Dreher, and it is the concept of gathering together with other Christians to live in moral, upstanding communities that profess traditional Christian values, while separating from mainstream society to a certain degree.

Basically, the Benedict Option is a subculture of Christians living within secular society, much like the amish, mormons, Orthodox Jews, and others.

Only, I would prefer that Traditional Catholics take this measure.  By living in a community of fellow Catholics, certain standards of living can be encouraged by the community.  One would not have to worry about so many of the threats of secularism infecting such a community.  Instead of being distracted by so many worldly evils, families could raise their children in a safe neighborhood without so much of a fear of a feral world that seeks to corrupt them.

Last month, Vox Day disregarded the idea of a Benedict Option, stating that it is “a Churchian attempt to avoid a conflict that is unavoidable.” He states that he understands the temptation, but the Benedict Option is cowardly and futile.

This is not true. Creating strongholds is a worthy aim. Granted, once the godless State finds out about them, the power of Satan will drive state officials to destroy such communities. However, it is possible that not all such communities will be destroyed.

I can easily imagine an Obama or Hillary Clinton presidency, in which hordes of Somalians or Syrian Muslims are imported as refugees into these Benedictine-styled communities. The government loves to destroy Catholic communities when it can, and E. Michael Jones will tell you all about this in his book Slaughter of Cities. However, perhaps American Catholics can take a few pages from history and apply what they’ve learned from the last century. Perhaps they can resist in some form or another.  We cannot see the details of the future in this matter.

Rather than giving into the temptation of “white flight,” (or in this case, Catholic flight), perhaps American Catholics can adopt the spirit of the Christeros–the spirit of the Vendee–and stand their ground, rather than being run out of their own communities.

Fleeing a modern evil godless society is about as cowardly as fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah or Babylon. Which is to say, it is NOT cowardly at all.  And, such Catholic families who create such communities and stand their ground and stay in place would not be cowardly at all, but courageous. They would certainly be braver than the Syrian men who fled their own country to avoid fighting for their communities in the new Syrian war.

In fact, if I recall correctly, there was a time when I tried to convince my fellow Catholics that we should congregate and recreate those Catholic ghettos that have been long since destroyed. Picking a low-cost neighborhood and moving in a legion of Catholic families to supplant the secular inhabitants would be a perfectly aggressive and attainable goal for our side.  Heck, maybe we could even convert some of those secular neighbors.

This would not be a futile goal. If it is one thing that Red Team needs to bring to the Culture War, it is resistance. Resistance against the march of Satanic secularism has been lacking for over a century. As it is often said, we need to use the tactics and strategies of our enemies against them. Let’s see if our enemies can take what they’ve been dishing out to us all this time. My guess is, the secular world won’t be able to stand it.

There will not always be success. In battle, men on the field tend to get injured or slain. A general cannot expect to march into a war and come out on the other side without losing men. The Benedict Option might not always work in some circumstances. But it can work in others. The fight for Christendom will continue and have success in different quarters.

The Catholic Nation 

Is the Benedict the only option? No. But, like any general in a war, our leaders must realize that different kinds of soldiers are needed. Different soldiers with different skills, goals, and tactics. The Benedict Option is only one.

If a Catholic Monarchy is to exist at all in the Western Hemisphere, it will have to have Catholics as its first subjects. The Catholic monarchy program simply WILL NOT GET OFF OF THE GROUND unless there is a body of willing citizens who willingly submit themselves to this new body politic.  A Catholic monarch, headquartered or not, could oversee the spread out domain of such Catholic communities.  Providing moral, public, perhaps even tangible support to these communities could help to ensure their success, and such a leader could unify these communities and provide them with hope.

This monarchy will have to operate under the oppressive and watchful eye of the government that already rules the land. So, in reality, we will have a state within a state. Perhaps even a currency within a currency.

It might even be the case that this monarchical government will be unable to publicly take itself seriously at first. It will have to self-consciously smile to outward crowds, nodding in agreement that all they have is a “national club” of enthusiasts.

However, once society begins to escalate towards destruction, the directionless masses will look for order everywhere. And there, they will see us–the monarchists who keep together and played the long game. We will hold our ground under one sovereign Catholic banner. Perhaps a laughing stock at first, but in the dystopic times of the future, a juggernaut of stability and protection. Just as monarchy always has been.

If racist black muslims can have the Nation of Islam, then non-racist universal Catholics can have The Catholic Nation.

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