The Ten Levels of Social and Civic Concern

Recent conversations have inspired me to throw this little chart together.

Not everyone out there can view the graphic, so here’s the text version:


10. The afterlife (Church Penitent and Church Triumphant)
9. The overriding power/mechanism/model that
leads people into a good/virtuous life and onward to heaven
8. Civilization (Christendom/The West, Dar al-Islam, Zhongguo)
7. Supranational concepts ( NAFTA, TPP, NATO, EU, The Catholic Church)
6. The country and the nation
5. The state
4. The city
3. The local community
2. The individual’s spiritual salvation
1. The individual’s personal life

Everyone has an opinion these days. Certainly, the majority of people have opinions of themselves at level 1, but often–here in the Puritan Empire–people tend to skip #2. Due to the Protestant notion of cheap grace, people tend to skip most considerations about their individual salvation, putting hardly any thought into it whatsoever.

Americans like to think of themselves as political thinkers, and we had a very high turnout during our national elections last month. But the majority of people tend to skip #3-5, and they can only think of who their next president will be. The masses tend to think that is sufficient enough to make them political experts. True, there are some people who tend to keep in mind the politics of their community, city, and state. But these people are a rare breed. Most people only think of voting for a president.

When it comes to supranational powers, the people who give these organizations consideration are globalist liberals, Freemasons, and Catholics. If you’re neither of these, chances are that you despise all supranational organizations.

Civilization. A lot of people have opinions about their civilization. There are ample amounts of people with strong opinions about what their world should resemble, and often times they ramble on about this without giving much consideration to #2-7. The people who come immediately to mind are “love and peace” liberals.

Number nine–an overriding political philosophy–is the overarching mechanism that should guide our entire political order. People without a college education usually don’t concern themselves with this spectrum of social and civic concerns. Usually, when you are thinking about #9, you tend to be very philosophical in your thinking. The internet is filled with philosophers, of course, and there’s no shortage of such people here. But not everyone in our society is a philosophizing internet addict, such as my colleagues and I. Number nine encompasses thoughts on Marxism, Capitalism, Dispensationalism, Republicanism, Democracy, Anarchy, Monarchy, and so much more.

Number ten is very much like number two. Not too many people care much about the politics of the dead. They just don’t. They should, of course. If the month of November is to teach us anything, it is that the suffering dead need our prayers to be released quickly into Heaven. And those glorious saints who now reside in Heaven with God are capable of interceding on our behalf to the Almighty–who they are closer to than any of us. Purgatory and Heaven are as much a part of current events as our daily news broadcast. If only we regarded the former as urgently as the latter.


People Are Not Consistent In Their Thinking

So, what makes this chart so fascinating to me? People’s inconsistency:

  • An average retail worker has an opinion about #1 and #6, but nothing else.
  • An average snowflake liberal has an opinion about #1, 3-6, and maybe #9. Your intelligent liberals will additionally consider #8.
  • A NeverTrumper probably considers everything except #2 and #10. Honestly, do these people really question their salvation on a daily basis? How could they, and still act the way they do? Could it not be possible that these people, like most FoxNews conservatives, simply give a token nod to generic Christianity–thus neglecting any further thought on #2 and #10?

I would think that if you are going to be spouting off to the world how you think it should work–as I admit I do–you would at least have the common sense to have all of your thoughts lined up. Doesn’t it make sense to have your political and religious philosophies all correlate and work for each other, not contradicting one another?

Consider Vox Day’s 9th rule for the Alt-Right:

identity > culture > politics

Identity comes from your religion. Yes, perhaps that identity is formed from both your religion and your ethnic tribalism. But the religion aspect will always be there. Man is always seeking the Divine. That is how we were designed.

Taking a second look at Vox Day’s 9th rule, we see that a person’s identity shapes their culture, which shapes their politics. This is the logical conclusion we can deduce–and which we thinking people instinctively realize–whenever we see Alt-Right Rule #9. It just makes sense.

So, returning to my Ten Levels of Social and Civic Concern, it just amazes me how people who claim to “get it” leave out various considerations along the spectrum. It amazes me how people will either contradict or just blow off certain aspects of this hierarchical chain of thought. And, in my opinion, if a person’s thinking is mangled in such a way, that is a good indicator that there’s something wrong with their mode of thinking.

Which leads me to this:

Dear Churchian,


There is a word for allowing your religion to define your politics. That is theocracy. Is that really your objective? Also, if the Carlos Slim blog approves of you, you’re doing it wrong.


The Christians


PS: Forget “evangelicalism”. It’s time to bring back “fundamentalism”.

He’s ridiculing people who allow their religion to define their politics. And yet, he’s the same guy who said: identity > culture > politics

He lumps himself in with “The Christians,” but who is that, exactly? His own, new brand? Because, last I checked, his stance was: “Listen up, all you Catholic and Protestant idiots alike. I don’t give a single flying fuck for all your “I belong to the One True Church” bullshit. Whether you do or not, I don’t care.”

Yes, people, your religion IS supposed to define your politics. Right now, the American religion of hedonism Liberty defines American politics. We know this because your identity is what makes your culture is what makes your politics. Vox Day was right the first time.

And, as you can guess, it’s Vox Day’s latest contradictions that led me to draw out The Ten Levels of Social and Civic Concern.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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