Even French Leftist Macron Sees The Need For Monarchy

I obviously was in support of Le Pen for France’s leader. However, Emmanuel Macron has said something quite interesting in a book he wrote, Macron Par Macron:

“Democracy is always presented as if it were incomplete, because democracy is not enough by itself,” says Macron, elaborating that there is always something missing in the democratic process; some sort of void.


“In French politics, this absence is the presence of a King, a King whom, fundamentally, I don’t think the French people wanted dead,” said Macron. “The Revolution dug a deep emotional abyss, one that was imaginary and shared: the King is no more!” According to Macron, since the Revolution France has tried to fill this void, most notably with Napoleon and then Charles de Gaulle, which was only partially successful. “The rest of the time,” said Macron, “French democracy does not manage to fill this void.”

So, basically the socialist liberal who has no children and is married to a woman 25 years his senior because he could never get over his youthful teacher fetish–this man supports France having a monarch.

But the childless socialist is right. Democracy alone is certainly incomplete, as St. Bellamarine would attest. Democracy has the least amount of order in it, which is a terrible thing to be stuck with in a world falling into disorder.

Furthermore, I do not doubt that Macron is correct in his accusations that the French people crave a king to fill the void created during the French Revolution. Short of having God Himself rule men in the form of a pillar of fire, a king will have to do for now. All people are able to rally behind someone who is a father to their country. Most Americans cannot understand this, and if they continue to fail to understand this as the nation descends into further madness, then America will not be saved.

Do not look at history in terms of decades, or even centuries. Instead, look at Western history in terms of millenia (or halves of millenia). This cycle of republics will end. Like a pendulum, the oligarchs and the merchant class desired to rob and loot the treasury of nations and to depose kings in exchange for the Athenian fairy tale of democracy, or the Roman fantasy of a stable republic. However, it has always been royalty and strong kings who kept the West stable–before conspirators began beheading kings.

But this pendulum will swing back, the trend will reverse, and in the long term, Westerners will fancy a change back to what worked. Just as on a more microcosmic level we see the U.S. presidency shift control from a more conservative party to a socially liberal party–so, too, will we see on the macrocosmic level the West return to monarchy of some form. I prefer, however, that the royalty be good Catholic philosopher kings.

All that being said, let us not forget that Macron is not a saint. He is just a liberal who demonstrates that even Leftists can catch onto this unraveling long trend. I highly doubt that Macron would ever allow a Catholic king to take power in France. I do think, though, that Macron would like to be that king he is talking about:

For Macron himself, the scene was a way to demonstrate that even at only 39 years of age, with his political experience limited to a stint as economy minister, he could cloak himself in the aura of a French president.


In an interview with the weekly Challenges last year, Macron had said he wanted to be a “jupiterian president”, referring to the array of Jupiter-like powers of a president.


By staging himself as a new monarch, walking alone in the Louvre courtyard and giving a speech in front of a pyramid, Macron somehow contradicted his own ambition to “transform” France and the way it is governed.

Now, though the boy who would be king is now technically the co-prince of Andorra, he hardly seems fit to hold anything together, given his predilections. Though an avid student of philosophy, this is a man who thinks that everyone should be able to express their religion, and at the same time, respect their differences. To him, the state should prevail over religion, a policy which is, of course, doomed to sow seeds of long term failure–as we have been witnessing in the West for the past 500 years.

So…Freemason much?

Expect borders, language, and culture in France to continue to deteriorate under President Macron, even though he did manage to catch on to one political universal truth for just a minute.

“France will fall into frightful anarchy. The French people shall have a desperate civil war, in which old men themselves will take up arms. The political parties having exhausted their blood and their rage, without being able to arrive at any satisfactory understanding, shall at the last extremity agree by common consent to have recourse to the Holy See.”-Blessed Anna Maria Taigi


“In fifty years time this African Empire will be a magnificent extension of France. But if we treat these people, not as children but as material for exploitation, the union we shall have given them will turn against us and they will throw us into the sea.”- Charles de Foucauld, from a letter to Captain Pariel


“My thinking is that if the Moslems of our colonial empire are not converted, a nationalist movement will arise similar to that in Turkey. If we are unable to make Frenchmen of these peoples, they will chase us out. The only way for them to become French is for them to become Christian.”-Charles de Foucauld, from a letter to the Duke of Fitzjames

*Special thanks to the La Salette Journey blog for pointing me in the direction of Charles de Foucauld. It’s been a long time since I’ve read about his sad story, and his insight is quite pertinent for what France is undergoing in recent years.

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