The Left Now Actively Attacks Right-Wing Internet

The time has come. Prepare yourselves.

The forces of the Left have begun to dox, ban, scrub, defame, and purge the people on the Right. The Left is now doing what it can to drive the Right from all social spaces. The Right is not only prevented from public rallies, but  now also the Right is being pushed off the internet.

It is this internet crackdown that I am addressing today.

The Left’s Institutions Will Now Go After You

I have argued on this blog that the Right needs to toughen up and win social spaces from the Left on the internet. (Arguing for this is partly why I got banned from FE and SD by timid moderates.) But the lack of resolve and attention on the part of the Right has emboldened the Left. They see that the Right is unaware of their hostility and hate, so they’re going in for the kill.

Shortly before the Charlottesville false flag setup by the Left, the hot topic was Google’s firing of James Damore. This man was fired from his job because he was not a Leftist like a majority of his vocal, screeching co-workers. Damore was:

“simply trying to fix the [company] culture in many ways. And really help a lot of people who are currently marginalized at Google by pointing out these huge biases that we have in this monolithic culture where anyone with a dissenting view can’t even express themselves.”

He dared to bring up his (arguably, only slightly right-wing) viewpoints in a memo in his company. The result was the same as hitting a beehive with a stick. Google was stirred up.

If anything, you should have learned by now that Leftist Social Justice Warriors always double down. And now? Google is icing out the badthink.  This shows that Google is an SJW-converged organization.

Immediately in the wake of the Charlottesville fiasco, Leftist-influenced megacorporations began to purge and disown a whole slew of websites of various groups and writers who they disagreed with. Some of these were white nationalist websites who (on paper) have just as much freedom of speech as the Leftists who call for more dead cops. Other purged writers, though, have been less controversial such as Professor Salil Mehta, who had his e-mail, blog, and other accounts “disappeared” by Google for daring not to be a complete Leftist.

The Left Is Now Trying To Purge The Religious Right

As many Traditionalist Catholics know, the SPLC has been smearing The Remnant. The SPLC actually alleges that this 50-year old Traditionalist Catholic newspaper is a hate group.

More recently, an outfit named Pro-Publica that pretends it’s an independent “investigative newsroom” has come to the Remnant to bait the editors, provoking any kind of legal misstep that it can in order to find a weak point to attack the organization. In reality, Pro-Publica is not a news organization at all, but a Ctrl-Left facade that’s “propped up by foundation money without which it could never survive.”

Rest assured, The Remnant has a legal team on the ground and dealing with this.

In other news, Ann Barnhardt’s website was attacked last week.  Just as hackers have been going after right-wing websites, so too have they been going after religious websites such as hers.  Her colleague got back up and running, but who knows for how long they will be able to keep things going before the next attack.

And in non-Catholic, Protestant news, D. James Kennedy Ministries has actually decided to sue the SPLC for defamation, religious discrimination, and trafficking in falsehoods.  Apparently the SPLC has also labeled this particular ministry as a hate group for daring to use “all available media, so that Jesus Christ would be known throughout all of the Earth and that everywhere He might be trusted, loved, and served.

What This Means For You Catholics

If you are a modernist Catholic who attends the Novus Ordo and don’t care about Traditionalism, this is all just a fart in the wind, and everything should be fine.  You’ll go to the store, buy things, pay your taxes, go to the movies, read the daily paper, and so on.  And as the world continues to turn darker and darker, you might ask yourself why things are getting more and more distasteful.  But then you will go back to your average life, not questioning the official narrative, and life will go on.

If you are a Traditionalist Catholic who has been recognizing that the Church has become a Leftist den, that many of your priests are pro-communist and into sodomy, and that your pope (or possible anti-pope) is selling you out…well, you got problems.  The usual channels you’ve been getting your news and communications from are going to start to go away or change form, I imagine.

I have talked often about how the Right is continuously pushed out of the social spaces.  Now, we will be disowned by more internet hosting sites.  Same goes for Traditional Catholics.  Since we pursue Jesus Christ and strive to preserve the Church He left us, we will be purged from these social spaces that once argued for “free speech.”

If you are a Traditionalist Catholic–or anyone on the Right–with a personal website, then all this means that you have to start making your backups now.  Backup e-mail addresses, backup blogs, password safety, fortified web security, and so on.

You also now need to familiarize yourself with “safe” web hosting, safe e-mail sites, safe video sites that will not demonetize you or deplatform you, and things like that.


Try here:

Or here:

If you are not a blogger, but you need to know what is going on with your favorite writers and producers, you would also be wise to avail yourself of what is going on.

The Right in general and the Traditional Catholic circles in particular need to harden themselves against attacks and deplatforming.  Have your backup plans now and tell your readership/viewership where to alternatively go for your work.

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