Cultural War: They’re Coming To Destroy Your Inheritance

This article was first published on The Counter-Revolution website.

Today is Columbus Day. On this occasion, it is actually acceptable to celebrate the legacy of a devout Catholic man who traveled across the world to spread Catholicism. As a federal holiday, it is right up there with Christmas, an occasion that celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

At this time in our American political history, it is important now, more than ever, to celebrate and cherish Christopher Columbus. Before, Columbus Day seemed merely a day for giving lip service to an obscure explorer that we heard about in elementary school–a inconvenient day in which banks and post offices are closed. Now, however, it has become apparent to many Americans that a large portion of the nation despises itself and its own heritage. Therefore, it is incumbent for us to ferociously celebrate the Christianizing of the Western Hemisphere, for now this celebration has become a weapon of cultural war.

According to many news reports, there are unknown numbers of Leftist radicals who disdain and loathe their own inheritance. These people have lost their collective minds, and in a fit of lunacy, tear at their shirts, howl at the moon, and rage against everything that ever produced them. And so, on Columbus Day to-day, the Leftist zombies of Antifa intend to attack various monuments across the United States. They have no respect for history, the past, the things that brought them into existence, or anything good that can be gleaned from the West’s development.

To be sure, various authorities have learned about the mass vandalism that is planned for to-day’s federal holiday. Perhaps nothing will happen at all. Perhaps to-day will be another repeat of Leftist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia this year. Only time will tell. Are the police ready? Are authorities taking this threat against our heritage seriously at all? Well, we do know that there will be a 24-hour guard to protect a Christopher Columbus statue in New York City. But what about the rest of the nation? Do authorities in other cities realize the symbols of their very heritage are coming under attack? Do they believe in their nation enough to defend it?

What do we, the people, do? What can the average Catholic person accomplish amidst this ongoing cultural civil war? The answer is that we be loud and proud to-day for the achievements of Christopher Columbus. Learn how to dispel the lies and mistakes of Leftist detractors when the subject comes up. Throw an impromptu get-together. Watch a pro-Columbus movie of some kind. Wave your American flags. Talk to your children about him. Let everyone know what the man has done for the Western Hemisphere, and extol him as a hero.

The West is engaged in one great civil war. From Europe to the Americas, godlessness and Marxism are eager and motivated to take root and dismantle every good thing that built up your world. Or, to put it another way, the Left is coming to destroy your inheritance. They want to take everything that your forefathers wanted to pass on to you, and they want to crush it under their radical boots. They want to deface and burn your happy childhood, and they want to laugh while they do it.

Therefore, in order to fight your enemy, in order to thwart them, in order to bring them displeasure and gain ground for the side of Western Civilization–and frankly, in this case, Christendom–be sure to celebrate Columbus Day to-day. Be as loud and proud about it as the Left has been about their evil agendas. Sure, it may be the case that you are employed, or you are a mother, or you may be in school, or you are tied up with real-life responsibilities in some sort of a way. However, make sure to share your thankfulness for Christopher Columbus’ achievements to-day. It is clear that in the future even more festivities, celebrations, and new traditions must accompany this happy occasion. It is our right and duty in this time of cultural war to make our gratitude for Columbus known to the world.

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