Welcome to The Forge and Anvil

You may be wondering why I’ve decided to open up an entirely brand new blog site.  Allow me to explain.

The move to this new website is a sign of growth.  I hope that my long-time readers will not be disheartened by this move.  It is my opinion that shifting my material to this site will ensure a greater security for my writing.  I have spoken in the past about the threats that face bloggers who say things that our Leftist culture despises.  Such people are attacked and de-platformed.

I have said the following in a piece titled, The Left Now Actively Attacks Right-Wing Internet:

I have talked often about how the Right is continuously pushed out of the social spaces. Now, we will be disowned by more internet hosting sites. Same goes for Traditional Catholics. Since we pursue Jesus Christ and strive to preserve the Church He left us, we will be purged from these social spaces that once argued for “free speech.”


If you are a Traditionalist Catholic–or anyone on the Right–with a personal website, then all this means that you have to start making your backups now. Backup e-mail addresses, backup blogs, password safety, fortified web security, and so on.


You also now need to familiarize yourself with “safe” web hosting, safe e-mail sites, safe video sites that will not demonetize you or deplatform you, and things like that.

I am now putting my money where my mouth is.  I will begin the long-term process of shifting my material to this adjacent site.  If anyone has any preferences for what I should move over first, please let me know.


What Is The Forge and Anvil Supposed to Be?

This website is to be different from the other blog.  The other blog was a sort of an outpost.  That blog was simply a place for me to take a break outside of Catholic forums which were controlled by cults of personality.  In time, my former blog became a sort of outpost that people would stop by.  It gave folks an idea of the nitty gritty news on the ground in my quarter.  It was a place for necessarily coarse discussion.

My former place was a crossroads. I called it “The Ostracon” It was originally a place for ostracized Catholics. I called it “a little niche in the Internet that I’ve carved out.”

In time, to my surprise, my blog grew in popularity.  My personal outlet was getting the attention of people from around the world.  By the Fall of 2017, I had attracted up to a quarter of a million views.  By the end of this year, it became clear to me that I was running an operation.  If I was to continue, I’d have to secure my content.  Hence this move.

Building The Forge and Anvil is a sort of a realized dream.  Long ago, when I was younger, a mentor and I dreamed up the idea to have a blog.  We would discuss right-wing Catholic ideas–or just expound on whatever we wanted to in a public venue.  Our name for it back then was The Anvil, but it never materialized.

Today, however, things are different.  We now have The Forge and Anvil, which is a place where I can operate from and continue this ongoing exploration of sex, politics, and religion.  Basically, everything I’ve done before will keep happening here.  I will continue to blog and write as it was in years’ past.

Yet I would also like to thank the many people who have allowed me to guest post on their blogs during my time off.  They are the following:

Men of the West
Vox Cantoris
Fellowship and Fairydust
Stares at the World
The Eponymous Flower
Musings of an Old Curmudgeon

If any of the folks at these websites need a place to do a guest post of their own, I will be happy to return the favor and let them express themselves, here at my hangout.  And I, for one, am hoping my old colleague who inspired this website might take an interest in crafting a post or two for The Forge and Anvil.



Apparently this website ain’t free.  I’ve had to shell out a few hundred dollar bills.  That’s the trade-off.  You could go with Google’s Blogger platform, and you’d be blogging for free, but there’s a chance that the SJW-converged Googlites would scrub your stuff.  It happened to Jordan B. Peterson, for example.  On the other hand, you could pay a bit of cash and run out of a safer location.  That’s what I’ve done here.

So, I’ll probably be trying to find a way to raise money to perpetuate this operation.

You can read the thoughts of this handsome man at his blog, www.jackmikkelson.blogspot.com.

For now, if you’d like to support me, consider purchasing this fun novel: Bovodar and the Bears.   It’s currently available on Kindle.  Should you enjoy it, then consider leaving a comment on Amazon for me as well.

I don’t wanna add a PayPal button if I can help it.  I dunno.  On the other hand, you have the logic of “Look, if people wanna help and support you, you should give them the ability to.”  I may.  We’ll just have to see.

Who knows?  Maybe I’d forgo the PayPal button like Ann Barnhardt does, and go with whatever she does.  But I certainly don’t wanna have a drag-down screen that pops up once you come onto my website.

I intend to put some more e-books together in the near-term.  I’ve written several series on my blog that, I think, would make for good e-books.  So I may try to turn them into purchasable Kindle e-books in the near future.

For now, though, I’m going to take this all one slow step at a time.  That’s how the other blog blossomed, and I think that’s how this one will develop as well.

Welcome to The Forge and Anvil.


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  1. I only discovered “TheHirschFies” earlier, and then to my dismay, I could not access your blog without going through the ubiquitous Google, which I was not prepared to do. I was glad to find some articles on 1P5 and that led me to “forge-and-anvil”. Are you phasing out “TheHirschFiles”?
    In Christ the King.
    Anthony de Mello

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