Mark Shea’s Stock is Rising…In the Marketplace of Scandal

Man, I’m telling you guys.  Shea’s belligerence knows no bounds.  He will never learn.  I really thought he would have gotten a clue years ago.  But sadly, it appears that the man takes great pleasure in offending and scandalizing as many normies as possible.

He desires that his role be that of the villain.  And, honestly, what better villain than one who struts around in the guise of a Catholic.  Heck, even Vox Day–not a Catholic by any means–openly expresses his disgust at Shea, who continues to win the approval of Leftist Catholic media oligarchs.

I consider being banned or blocked by him as a trophy.


UPDATE 08:30pm:  Wow.  What a sleeze.  Mark Shea just learned about Andy Nowici’s disgust with his petty behavior.  As typical, Shea demonstrates an emotional, self-righteous Gamma male outburst, and swiftly closes the door to any criticism or response:


I’ve seen Shea act out like this countless times.  It’s utterly pathetic, and everyone can see it but him.  And, sadly, he will never learn.  He is his own secret king who is just as brilliant as his mommy told him when he was a boy.  The man cannot bear confrontation or reality.  And this basically means that the future holds more sanctimonious sideshow treats from that man.

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  1. LH:

    I was online friends with Mark for years. His books have helped me. His former talents have inspired me.

    Sadly, I no longer consider myself his friend. I’ve written calm and clear letters of brotherly rebuke to him a number of times, and received promises of amendment of life.. to no lasting avail. At his point, I agree with your assessment, that Mark The Toxic should no longer speak & get a living from being Catholic™, or speaking as a one man bloviating & abusive magisterium, crushing and deceiving and bullying people in the name of Jesus Christ, and his own opinions on U.S. politics.

    Pray for his soul, and pray for his currently malevolent behaviour to change, or for him to be sidelined. For the good of his soul, the good of the Church, and the good of souls.

    Thanks for speaking out.

    1. Yes, Shea is now truly toxic. People have joked that I’m a “Toxic Trad” for daring to be coarse and open about subjects, but his is one of the truest examples of toxicity.

      Sadly, there will be no end to his writing. A writer writes because he must. It is a clear and obvious talent and gift, and he is compelled to do it as all writers are. In addition, he’s engaged in a dialogue with the public that he’s unwilling to give up. He speaks, and the world speaks back–and he loves it.

      I would recommend to him to cease his online life and instead focus on writing fiction. That way, his gifts are channeled into something less destructive.

      By the way, congratulations on having the first comment on this site!

  2. I’ll just add, I’m surprised at the attention that this one particular post is getting, in spite of its small length. This just goes to show that Shea has a long list of critics.

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