France Lost To Islamic Invaders

The French are giving up.

France is close to an Islamic explosion

Open war with French Muslims has not yet broken out, but recent events are bringing it closer.




The “War over France” is hardly just at its beginnings. Many murderous Islamist attacks have taken place and large territories are already outside the control of the French secular Republic. Even if the conflict is still in its infancy, the notion of “partition” or secession is advancing in public opinion. That is why in the monthly magazine Causeur, a respected publication edited by Elizabeth Levy, a long article just supported the idea of a division of France.


“Everyone realizes that a second people has formed in France, a branch that wants to define its life on religious values ​​and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded,” writes Christian de Moliner. “But a nation always rests on a fundamental pact, a minimum of laws that all approve. This is not the case anymore”.

Pathetic.  They failed and continue to fail to understand one simple word: invasion.  They’ve swung the doors wide open and let whatever riff raff in that came along.  They did this in a desperate plea to show how non-racist they are.  And now, France will pay a dear price–in blood–for a silly pluralistic whim.

What a fool.  He cannot even see what is clearly going on.  Yes, indeed, an embryonic Muslim government will take shape.  Furthermore, proposing “democracy” for the two societies will only serve to speed up the Muslim conquest.  In France, Islam will have only but to obtain a majority to force their changes.
Can this writer not even see beyond five years?
Whatever you do, Frenchmen, don’t DARE consider returning to the Old Regime.  Then you’d have to admit your guillotine-carved revolution was a terrible mistake.

Maybe the state of things will help the French return to the Christendom they abandoned.

Oh, wait…

French ‘Free Thinkers’ Who Denounced Christian Cross Now Plead for Islamic Mosque

In a bizarre turn of events, the group of “free thinkers” that fought to have a cross removed from public property in northwest France is now fighting to save a mosque.

Forget what I said.  It seems the French are as tired of their own existence as the Muslims are.  I guess the post-Enlightenment French are destined to be a flash in the pan.



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  1. France is spiritually dead and are now suffering the consequences of their abandonment of God and the One True Faith. The eldest daughter of the Church is on her deathbed. Le Roi est mort, viva le Roi!

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