False “Free Speech” Fun!

Davis Aurini shared this bit of information on Twitter recently:

“Cease all anti-social conduct…”

So, apparently Hilary White was banned from Twitter.  The leftists do what they do.  They do not want you to speak.  They do not want you acknowledged.  Hell, they don’t even want you to live.  They are free to spout off on Twitter how people on the Right need to just shut up and die, while we are shut off for any subtle infraction.

Davis Aurini has been talking about censorship of the Right for a few years now:

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It’s precisely this sort of thing that drove me to diversify my writing to this new blog site.  After I heard about Google’s firing of James Damore, it occurred to me that Blogger–a Google company–was no longer a trustworthy product.  That’s why I locked one blog to only registered users who request access, and have a second one up with backups.

But really, it astounds me that someone like Hilary White gets banned from Twitter.  Consider other tweets that are allowed on Twitter:

“Wish I could kill dem white mf”
“I wanna shoot all these white girls in the face”
“Rape me a white bitch, then bury her”
“Let’s go…kill dem white boyz”
“I’m gonna kill every white person I see outside 2ma I hate you white muther fuckers”

Switch the race around, and you’d never hear the end of it.

Now, on a deep level, this all demonstrates that there really is no such thing as free speech.  It’s a John Locke fantasy and one of America’s golden legends.  But tonight’s post isn’t intended to delve so deeply.  Let it be sufficient to know that the Left is merely doing what John Locke had always suggested: they are abiding by the “Strange Doctrine,” in which the Left, engages in a perpetual war and is attempting to destroy their enemies whenever they can, punishing their offenders and serving as the executioners of the Law of Nature.  

The Right needs to recognize that crying “muh free speech” isn’t going to win them any sympathy whatsoever from the Left.  The Left has used “free speech” throughout the 20th Century as a pragmatic aid.  Now that they have the upper hand, they can play the other side of the coin, recognize that the entire idea of “free speech” is a farce, and pulverize their whimpering opposition.  Consider the following bits of university news this year:

Daily Princetonian undergrad claims conservatives have no right to free speech
Princeton paper dissolves conservative editorial board
Princeton Constitution Day lecture is titled ‘F%*# Free Speech’
Pitzer College professors conspire to shut down conservative newspaper
Harvard students protest free speech event as hate speech

The Left doesn’t believe in “free speech.”  Perhaps collectively they’ve always had an innate sense that it was always a bullshit idea.  Or, perhaps naively, the Left thinks that “free speech” is a wonderful thing that is only a natural right for those who think in their liberal ways–in which case, it isn’t free speech at all, but “speech for me, but not for thee.”  Whatever the case, the Left is dishonest as hell.

Up until recently, I actually thought that free speech was a real thing.  I took the idea for granted, never questioning it.  In some of my past columns, I probably even defended it.  But the truth is that the idea of “free speech” was weaponized by the Left in the 20th Century, and it is a weapon the Left will completely deny the Right in the 21st Century.



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