Free Speech Article at The Counter Revolution

Today, catch my third and final installment about free speech over at The Counter Revolution website.

“Fools are allowed their folly in a democracy.  A democracy keeps its population down with such promises.  In this way, the citizenry is, as Chosal describes, “dependent, malleable, fragile, and without the slightest desire for autonomy.”  Democracy–whether it’s a parliamentary or a republican democracy–is intrinsically designed to be taken over by some kind of a minority that seeks its own advantage.  And this minority–which always becomes an oligarchy–destroys the traditional values of the populace, creating welfare states that marginalize the nuclear family.


“Attack this convenient arrangement at your peril.  Become legitimate enough and popular enough with your attacks against the reigning paradigm, and you will discover yourself a foreign body in a circulatory system that’s about to be attacked by the “white blood cells” of the state.  Rock the boat, and you will discover that there truly is no such thing as free speech.  You will discover that a democratic government certainly does have limits for speech”

This article is a part of my ongoing series in response to John C. Wright’s anti-monarchy article “Unanswered Equality Challenge.”  Next up, I’ll discuss his presumptions about The Magna Carta.


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