Good-bye Roy Moore: I’ve Been Wrong Before

Well, well, well!  As the title says, I haven’t always been right.

As a result, it will now be that much more difficult to get a conservative judge on the Supreme Court.  Various constructive bills will be harder to pass.  And, of course, Roe v. Wade might not be overturned as easily as we had hoped.  Not that I ever believed it would actually happen.  But you’ve got to have goals.

The elation and schadenfreude of the Left is to be expected.  They have a new energy shot for their self-righteous religious crusade to make the world Leftist.  Already tonight, I’ve been seeing Leftists rev their engines.  They’re feeling their oats, and they’re ready to go on a new offensive.  I’ve no doubt that a push to impeach Trump is closer than ever before.

Already tonight, I’ve been castigated by a Leftist for my side’s supposed racism, promotion of slavery, hatred for women’s right to vote, and apparently an apathy towards pedophilia.  I can only stand back in awe at the sheer ignorance of Leftists and their unwillingness to use their mental faculties.  But how can they rise above their own rabid emotionalism?  They are not engaged in a dialectic with their fellow Americans.  They are on a religious crusade, and the vector of their attacks is through the spectra of emotion:

“The cultural Left has a vision of an America in which the white patriarchs have stopped voting and have left all the voting to be done by members of previously victimized groups, people who have somehow come into possession of more foresight and imagination than the selfish suburbanites. These formerly oppressed and newly powerful people are expected to be as angelic as the straight white males were diabolical.”   -Richard Rorty, Achieving Our Country

The Left abandons pragmatic and sensible dialogue for identity politics.  It is much more scrumptious to attack and demonize “the other”, and the Left plays that game quite well.  And while the Left is able to easily shake the dust of shame and scandal out of their clothes–such as in the case of Bill Clinton or Al Franken–people on the Right who still retain their conscience have a much harder time achieving this tactic, which is why right-wing voters in Alabama were easily scandalized by the artificial uproar created against Roy Moore.

“[T]he community of the left is a community of meaning and is bound by ties that are fundamentally religious. For the nonreligious, politics is the art of managing the possible. For the left, it is the path to a social redemption. This messianic is its political essence. For the left, the agenda of politics is ultimately not about practical options concerning which reasonable people may reasonably differ. It is about moral choices that define one as human. It is about taking sides in a war that will decide the future and whether the principle of justice will prevail. It is about us being on the side of the angels, and them as the party of the damned.”  -David Horowitz, Hating Whitey

Shame and guilt continue to work in Alabama. The voters are still on the Establishment’s leash. They can be quelled and controlled through the opposition’s moral posturing–as if morality had anything to do with anything in this country any longer.

The new voices on the Right are ready and willing to play dirty and engage the enemy with the new rules the Left created for them.  But as we can see, not everyone is prepared for that kind of a war.  There is still an enormous amount of people trapped in the old rules of the game.  These people draw back quickly if they are bitten.  They distance themselves from anyone who is allegedly scandalous or shameful–whether it’s a concocted whisper campaign or not.  This old guard is terrified of having bad posture in a war of guerrilla combat.  And for this reason, the Left will continue to win such battles.

Of course, to what end the Left goes for the throat is long forgotten.  The goal of Leftism is lost on most leftist voters.  The battle and self-righteous screeching against their antagonist has become the end unto itself.  The Left has been shown the horrors of the Soviet Union and the failure of Venezuela, but they don’t care.  They’re mad:

“When all is said and done, the true source of the left’s negativism is its guilty recognition that the future it promoted for two hundred years killed tens of millions and impoverished billions and, in the end, did not work.”  -David Horowitz, Hating Whitey

As I’ve said yesterday, this is to all be expected.  We may have our little victories here and there, but honestly, when it comes to democracy, we really are simply trapped on a big slippery slide into totalitarian Marxism.  This fate is intrinsically woven into the fabric of the designs of a democratic republic.    The course of democracy is a death spiral into something most Americans cannot fathom but will take place nevertheless.

But, for now, I look forward to the next skirmish and the next battle.  I’ll place my bets–as most civic-minded Americans do–and I’ll take my chances as to the political outcome.  It will be savage.  It will be unfair.  It will be one-sided.  The odds will be against us.  And I expect it will be fun.  So in other words, maybe next time.

2 Comments on “Good-bye Roy Moore: I’ve Been Wrong Before”

  1. Long before cultural marxism, John Adams said,

    ‘Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.’ —
    John Adams

    1. Yup. Even Thomas Jefferson knew that America was only good for a couple of centuries before it became a shithole.

      “I think that our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as long as they are chiefly agricultural: and this will be as long as there are vacant lands in any part of America.  When they get piled upon one another as in the large cities of Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.”

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