Happy Kwanzaa: Guest Post at Men of the West

The thought of Kwanzaa this year inspired me to pen an article about the relationship between whites and blacks in the United States.  Today, it’s published over at Men of the West:

Happy Kwanzaa: A Grievance Towards Blacks

“Whites gave up their in-group preferences […] Whites have given up on their own identities. They have done this for the sake of trying to heal the divided nation. They want to “rise above bigotry.” The whites want to have black friends, and demonstrate–self righteously, perhaps–that they are not like the racist bigots of old. They are not like those horrible people in the past who oppressed the black man and kept him down.


[…and yet, ]


“[T]here is overabundant evidence to show that blacks utterly refuse to give up who they are, preferring to remain a nation within a nation, and a peoples living amidst another peoples.  Their antipathy continues indefinitely.  Black Americans at this point have demonstrated they have no interest in intermingling with white America to unify this troubled nation that still lacks an identity.  They offer no solution in this regard.  They will not play ball.”

Typically I wait until Black History Month to discuss the race issue.  After all, aren’t yesterday’s Black Power race pimps always calling for “a conversation about race in this country”?  I’ll be happy to be the white guy who stops infantilizing the blacks and dares to open up this subject.  Fear of the taboo is for cowards.

In any event, it’s a spicy piece that’s sure to earn me some frowns and raised eyebrows.  Read at your leisure.

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