“Gaslighting” Believers During Christmas

Some say that ever ‘gainst that season comes
Wherein our Saviour’s birth is celebrated,
This bird of dawning singeth all night long;
And then, they say, no spirit dare stir abroad,
The nights are wholesome, then no planets strike,
No fairy takes, nor witch hath power to charm,
So hallow’d and so gracious is the time.
-Marcellus to Horatio and Bernardo, after seeing the Ghost, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 1


Would that the above were true.  But alas, most right-thinking traditional Catholics are aware of how the Christmas scene truly is.  Usually whenever there is a Christian holiday of some sort, the Christian haters pour out of the woodwork and gleefully cast their insults upon all decency that the West holds dear.

For example, around Lent or Easter, there are often blasphemous movies released.  And frequently, news comes out in a curiously timely fashion which attempts to cause people to second guess Christ’s own divinity.  In one such instance, back around Easter of 2006, the Book of Judas was presented to the world through multiple news sources.  And then, of course, how could we forget the eight years of the Obama presidency in which the words “Merry Christmas” seemed to be scrubbed from our national dialogue?

You can read all about the war against Christmas in particular in Christmas in the Crosshairs, by Gerry Bowler.  But the point is, without a doubt, if there is to be a widespread celebration of Christ, someone is going to rain on the parade.

Of course, it’s bad enough the world does this to us Catholics.  But it’s always terrible when the hostility and aggression comes from our own Catholic leadership.  In this case, I am of course going to immediately refer to the latest Vatican “gaytivity” scene.

A lot of folks in our circles are already quite familiar with the fact that the Vatican has snuck some dollups of homoerotica into the Nativity scene this year.  You can learn more about this over at Vox Cantoris or even read Barnhardt comment on it without any reservation.  But really, is this sort of scandalizing behavior even a surprise anymore?  Why, just two years ago, our own pope–who lives amidst men who hold cocaine-fueled gay orgies–announced that Christmas is a charade.  So it’s no wonder that the priests of the Vatican therefore treat the Nativity like a charade.

I suppose that it’s even more depressing that people are unable to see the obvious in these sorts of matters. It is impossible for some to witness the big picture–that our corrupted clergy are “offended by our faith,” as one commenter put it.  But I suppose that men such as Mark Brumley of Ignatius Press–who has the gall to criticize the people who are scandalized by this Vatican bathhouse art–are incapable of seeing what is so clear.  And I suppose such minds as Brumley’s, men who advise us to keep our mouths shut and pretend we are still in a JP2/Benedict XVI era, are also too dim to see the slap in the face many of us receive from even our own local clergy.


Local Scorn

Many parishioners at this time suffer the displeasure of hearing sermons from Novus Ordo priests who are quite hostile to those of us “trapped in the past.”  We are, after all, triumphalists.

As we Catholics know, Advent is a time in which we discuss and examine the end of the world.  We consider things like the Apocalypse, the Chastisement, the Antichrist, and Christ’s return.  Jesus tells us to keep our eyes open.  We are advised to wait eagerly for His return.  “Watch ye therefore, because ye know not what hour your Lord will come,” Matthew 24:42.  We are to be alert, ready, and confident of Christ’s return.  Christ’s second coming–and the chastisement of the world before that day–are real and tangible things that people will live through.

Yet some priests will guffaw and laugh with ridicule at this part of the Scriptures.  Such priests go out of their way to remind us of Hal Lindsey, John Hagee, and other disreputable Protestant preachers who take people for a ride, work them up, and use them for their money.  Our end-of-the-year reflections on the Book of the Apocalypse are belittled.  To such priests, we are fearful of spook stories designed to frighten children, and we are told to not get carried away, not get taken in, not get worked up.   Certainly, no such priest will go into any detail about how to cope with the wasteland that our society is becoming.  No such priest will inform us of what to expect in a time of chastisement.  We are left hanging when it comes to these skeptical priests.

But for you laity who give consideration to this part of our Catholic teaching, might I offer a balm for your troubled and anxious hearts this Advent?  These gems come from the Sensus Fidelium Youtube Channel:

Our Times Part I: Our Lady’s View of Our Times ~ Fr. Ripperger
Our Times Part II: Natural Preparation ~ Fr. Ripperger
Our Times Part III: Spiritual Preparation ~ Fr. Ripperger
Our Times Part IV: Q & A w/ Fr. Ripperger

The lectures above are absolutely amazing and insightful, lasting a total of 4 hours for whomever has the time to spare to listen.

I find it a sad thing that we have to retreat to long drives, books, CD recordings, and podcasts to find healthful and edifying  Catholic teaching.  It is atrocious that in our own parishes we get to endure veiled passive aggression and silk insults.  It’s not a nice thing when a priest tries to trigger you.  You know that these men are supposed to be helpers, warriors, deliverers of medicine, and yet they will perform a delicate-yet-sadistic acupuncture upon your sensibilities for the sake of their own hidden thrill.  Corrupt clergy in the Catholic hierarchy enjoy trying to gaslight anyone who takes dogma seriously, but no one except the bullied are able to see this game they play.

The Left Will Not Let You Have Peace

As he often does, John C. Wright sums up the Left’s hatred for Christmas quite well in this month’s Christmas article (I’m overlooking his Americanist tendancies): “The rudeness is an instrument to kill the joy and pleasure of the season, to make a shared solemnity into a bone of contention.”  The smirking spite of the Left–both outside and inside of the Church–is a thing of the demons.  They want to tear and destroy, and they are not interested in dialogue.  They are like Grinches, only it appears that these nasty pieces of work cannot be convinced, turned, or reasoned with.

“The end goal is a black mass where innocent life is sacrificed. Nothing is sacred but the whim of Caesar. No one prospers, but Moloch feeds.  Yes, strange as it sounds, that is what is at stake.  The War on Christmas is a war by the unhuman against the human.  Only by knowing that God once became a helpless human baby may we see that all helpless, wrinkly stinky humans are godlike, because they partake of His image and likeness.  Only by seeing humans as godlike can we treat them as humans.”

Demons do not rest.  And for as long as the demons are allowed power, and for as long as there are faithless people in this world, we will continue to put up with Christianity’s anklebiters for years to come.  They will have their day of Judgement, to be sure.  But for now, it will have to do that we who recognize these occurrences are at least aware of each other, that we are all seeing the same thing, and that we are not mad.  As Ann Barnhardt says in her article about the sacrilegious Nativity scene:  “Let me now say what everyone else will only hint at.”

So, with that, knowing that Christ is not a joke, not a charade, and that He will come again, let us take our advice from Thessalonians 5.  Knowing that the day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night, and that destruction will come upon our enemies on that day, let us realize we are not in darkness, lest we fail and that dark time overtakes us.  Be sober and watchful, not sleeping or drunk.  Let us continue to comfort one another through these dark times, edifying one another and being patient during the times that we are put to the test.  


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  1. This fine summer day here in Chile, my son, my wife and I were sitting out on the deck of our Cabana listening to books on tape (which my son enjoys). Today we were listening to “The Emperors New Clothes”. Right after the book started your article popped up in my email. It was like a merciful accompaniment for those Traditional, Faithful, Old Mass loving, Catholics out here on the peripheries.
    Thanks Man……….. I mean it. Chaio

  2. well written and full of wisdom..I feel that I’m not alone after this reading.. The spite which you refer to is everywhere these days ,and I’m assuming it’s the driving force behind social media.

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