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As my Christmas gift to you kids, I’d like to present to you an attack against our mutual patrimony, The Magna Carta:

Sure, it could be said that the barons were well-meaning.  They were merely seeking a pragmatic solution to their ills.  They were caught up in a reactionary protest against a system established by King Henry II.  They thought they were trying to be reasonable and to compel King John to restore their ancient liberties, laws, and customs.  And looking back, are not all Constitutional documents of English history reactionary statements of principles and rights recently violated?


Yet, in spite of this, the inconvenient truth is that the action they took with the Magna Carta was anything but traditional.  There is a reason historians have a brief pause when they examine this event.  The actions of the barons and English clergy was a radical, revolutionary act of rebellious malcontents and insurgents.  The Charter was won at swordpoint, and could not be looked at as a legitimate act of legislation.  The Magna Carta is as Catholic as a group of Muslim terrorists forcing the president to sign congressional bills, standing over him with machine guns and explosive suicide vests.  It was an act of coercion.  And yet we celebrate this?

This article is another installment of my ongoing response to John C. Wright’s anti-monarchy article “Unanswered Equality Challenge.”  There is still more to come, as well.  Next, I believe I will be discussing the Jews as a form of typological “monarch collective” for the rest of mankind.

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