All Sodomites Died On The First Christmas

Merry Christmas!  The Savior has been born!  Allow me to offer you an incendiary spark of edification to aid you in the kindling of your Yuletide log.  Did you know that when He was born, all of the sodomites in the world died?  Yup.

So says one of our canonized saints, St. Bonaventure, in his Twenty-Second Sunday Sermon about the Nativity.  In fact, he states this fact in agreeance with yet another saint, St. Jerome himself:

All sodomites, men and women, died all over the earth, as Saint Jerome said commenting on the verse Lux orta est iusto [The light was born for the just] (Ps 96:11). This was to make it clear that He [Jesus Christ] was born to reform nature and to promote chastity.

What a joy to all of the normies this must be!  What an edifying relief it must have been for the people of that day who were plagued by purveyors of sexual deviancy!  These people bore witness to God Himself carrying out the full sentence of Levitical Law.  The Almighty did not wait for men on Earth to get around to administering justice.  Had the judges and executioners of the worlds kingdoms done their duty, there would be no mess for God to cleanse in the first place.

But, indeed, God did not want one single sodomite alive on the day His Son was to be received into the world–so detestable is that sin.  When it came to His baby boy, there would be neither patience nor tolerance for any men who failed to control their disordered fetishes.  Instead, this diseased rabble was swiftly removed.  The global community was relieved of a burden, and in this regard society was allowed a fresh start.

Further Considerations and Questions

This information leaves me with a few questions.  For starters, does this mean that all people with sodomitical tendencies were wiped out by God?  Or was it only those engaged in the actual act of sodomy at that moment who were killed?  If God was killing off this particular stripe of sexual deviants, how current would they have to have been with their sex act to be considered by God as a sodomite?

Did God dispatch anyone who had ever committed sodomy in their life?  So, for example, let’s say an idiot got curious when he was sixteen, carried out sodomy, but then after that one criminal encounter he lived a straight life, mind and body, until he was sixty years old.  And then, when that fellow was sixty, Christ was born.  Would that sixty-year old man have been purged from the world on that day?

Also, what about people who were wrestling against the desire for sodomy?  What if there were men and women who on one level wanted to become queer, but they were fighting it to the best of their ability?  Did they fall under the category of sodomite, and were they purged?

Yet still, another question: which act on that day was considered sodomitical by God?  Hemorrhoid-inducing anal sex, surely, put a man under the sodomite banner.  But St. Bonaventure says that “both male and female” sodomites died.  So, most certainly those who had inclinations towards bestiality and necrophilia died.  But in this case, did God consider oral sex to be sodomy, as did many previous saints?  What about masturbation, another form of sodomy?  Did God kill off the wankers, too?

If it is true that all sodomites died when Christ was born, we can come to some conclusions.  For example, provided that St. Bonaventure and St. Jerome are correct, we can safely assume that all historical figures who lived through the birth of Jesus were not considered by God to be sodomites at the time of the Nativity.

Furthermore, we can safely assume that if our Lord eradicated sodomy from the earth on that day, there was then not much of a habit for it among the world’s population.  In none of the histories do we hear of a sudden, massive, inexplicable die-off of sodomites around 1 AD.  But consider the idea that if all the sodomites were to suddenly die this Christmas, imagine how much the world would be emptied!  Would the clergy in the Vatican only number in the single digits?  What percentage of Americans would be left alive?  Would the gay Jew capital of the world, Tel Aviv, become suddenly unpopulated?  How much of today’s global population would die off in such an event?

Whatever the case may have been, should Sts. Bonaventure and Jerome be correct in what they say about this matter, it then therefore means that God himself will have personally seen to the execution of sodomites in at least four instances on the Earth.  He purged them with the Great Deluge, at Sodom and Gomorrah, at Christ’s birth, and He will do so again during the Great Chastisement.  With such a rank and horrible sin that cries out to Heaven for such vengeance, why in the world would anyone freely choose to fall into this crime, let alone boldly luxuriate in it?


More Fascinating Nativity Trivia

The death of sodomites is not the only thing that St. Bonaventure mentioned in his 22nd Sunday Sermon at Lyon.  Just as there were odd happenings around the time of Christ’s resurrection–such as spontaneous healings and the dead rising and walking throughout Jerusalem–so, too, were there other odd and fun things occurring when Jesus was born.  For example, in the East, three suns appeared in the sky and merged into one, brute animals began speaking in Judea, and a demonic prophecy about Rome’s Temple of Peace came to be fulfilled.

Another fun tidbit that we can derive from his sermon is the idea that at the Nativity, everything was a symbol to some degree, and I am specifically talking about what the ox and the ass represent.  The ox and the ass, both knelt and adored the Christ Child, signifying the Jews and the Gentiles respectively.  As if we goyim didn’t have enough problems, now we see we’re compared to asses!  Oh well.  Hopefully, the majority of us are not sodomizing them.


St. Bonaventure’s 22nd Sunday Sermon At Lyon

For further clarification that this sermon is real, check out more facts about this at Tradition In Action.

Bless, O my soul, the Lord who liberated Jerusalem, His city, from its many tribulations, He the Lord our God. Confess the Lord, O children of Israel, for He has shown His majesty to a sinful nation. (Tobias 13:19/3/7)

Moved by a great devotion of heart for today’s celebration, the soul of each one of the faithful should bless and confess God for His great works, exalting the men of Israel and the elect of Jerusalem ,as seen in the 24 considerations of the meditation on today’s feast set forth briefly in the Gospel of Christmas Eve. Four considerations are on God the Father, four on God the Son, four on the Blessed Mother, four on Joseph, four on the Shepherds and four on the Angels.

We should consider and bless God the Father for His most admirable liberality in sending His Son to take flesh and be born; and praise His fidelity for fulfilling His promise in the due time, His ineffable charity because He had compassion on us and was thus pleased to help us, and His eternal goodness because He wanted to make himself known to us in this way.

Regarding the Son being born, we should consider and bless His admirable and dignifiedbenignity, imitate His promptitude in obeying the Father and His pity and incredible clemency toward us, and appreciate His submissive poverty, humility and simplicity.

As for the Mother who gave birth, we should consider and bless her immaculate virginity and glorious fecundity, the singularity of her delivery and the generosity of her fortunate and joyful childbirth.

On the part of Joseph, we should consider and bless his profound reverence, enormousjustice, dedicated compliance and indefectible charity.

On the part of the Shepherds, we should consider and bless their holy simplicity, piousjoyfulness, praiseful solicitude and their expanding faith and devotion.

On the part of the Angels, we should consider and bless the clarity of their omnipresent grandeur, the intimacy of their new tenderness, the learnedness of their preaching and thepurity and sublimity of their new praises.

In all these meditations our souls should bless God, on this day.

On this day, He liberated His city showing His majesty to a sinful nation, not only by sending His Son to be born, but by bedecking and adorning the day, hour and time of His Nativity with miracles.

The miracles shown to the sinful nation at the time of the Nativity of Christ are these, according to various histories.

First, a fulgent star appeared in the sky in parts of the East, which displayed the form of a most pure Infant, and over it was a shining cross to signify that He who was born would spread His doctrine, life and death throughout the whole world.

Second, in the middle of the day from Capitoline Hill in Rome, a golden circle that appeared near the sun was seen – [also] by the Emperor and the Sibyl – and in it was a most pure Virgin giving birth to an Infant, signifying that He who was born was the Monarch of the world and came to demonstrate the splendor of the paternal glory and figure of His substance.

Third, the temple of peace in Rome fell to the ground. When it was built, the devils were asked how long it would last, and they responded that it would stand until a Virgin gave birth to a Son, as a sign that He who was born would destroy the works and practices of vanity.

Fourth, in Rome a large gush of oil sprung up from the ground and flowed into the Tiber, to show that a source of piety and mercy had been born.

Fifth, on the night of the Nativity, the vinae Engaddi, from which perfume is made, sprouted, flourished, extended its branches and produced its scented liquid, to show that He who was born would make the spiritual world flourish, grow and give fruits, and that its fragrance would attract the whole world.

Sixth, 30,000 criminals were killed by the Emperor, to show that He who was born would subject the whole world by His Faith and that the rebels would be lost in Hell.

Seventh, all the sodomites in the whole world died, both male and female, according to Jerome commenting on the Psalm: The light was born for the just, which shows that He who was born came to reform nature and to promote chastity.

Eighth, brute animals spoke in Judea, among them, two oxen, to make us understand that He who was born would transform the most bestial men into rational persons.

Ninth, all the idols of Egypt were destroyed when the Virgin gave birth; according to Jeremiah that sign was given to the Egyptians to make them understand that He who was born was the true God and the only One worthy of adoration with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Tenth, when the Infant was laying in the Manger, the ox and donkey knelt before Him, as if they had reason, and adored Him, which makes us understand that He who was born would call both the Jews and the Gentiles to His religion.

Eleventh, the whole world was in peace as described, to show that He who was born would love and promote universal peace and that His elect would enjoy eternal peace.

Twelfth, in the East three suns appeared in the sky, which progressively merged into a single celestial body to show that by the birth of Christ the world would be informed of the Triune God, and that Divinity, spirit and flesh had been united in one Person.

About all these things, our souls should bless God and venerate Him because He liberated us and His majesty was shown to us, a sinful nation.

The Lord Jesus was born in the 5,199th year after the constitution of the world, after the constitution of the 750 gens of the City [of Rome], in the year of the 194th Olympics, in the 42nd year of Emperor Octavianus Augustus, in the 39th year of the reign of Herod of Ascalon in Judea, on the 8th day of the Kalendas of January, having Cyrenius as governor of Syria.

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    1. True. It was Adam and Eve’s feast day. I was actually thinking of writing about it about a month ago. But then, you read people complaining about the following:

      “It’s kind of too bad that people feel the need to become lame, bland, milquetoast, and sentimental at Christmastime.
      There is nothing lame, bland, milquetoast, or sentimental about the true meaning of Christmas.”

      Stuff like what St. Jerome and St. Bonaventure needs to be heard more. Modern man lives in a sedated state of mind. We’re not celebrating a sentimental platitude at this time of year. We’re celebrating a triumph of good over evil.

  1. As far as I know, Sodomy is the act of male to male anal activity, or all anal activity. If this article is true well, I want to worship Christ even more. He is indeed Messiah and Savior. This has been an interesting read.

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