The State Of The Blog – New Years Eve 2017/2018

Hi folks.  We are about halfway through the Christmastide, what with New Years Eve coming up.  So I thought I’d take advantage of the end-year reflections to fill you in on how this new blog is going.

2017 was an amazing year for my older blog.  I was getting a lot of hits, and I’d almost achieved a quarter million visitors.  Not bad, I figure.  When I switched over to this new blog, Forge and Anvil, my traffic was decimated.  In certain ways, I’ve had to start over with building my reader base back up.

The WordPress software of this new blog is a little trickier than Blogger.  One problem I would like to resolve is to turn off comment moderation.  I have to approve every comment you guys make.  So you have to wait for me to click “approve” before the comment is public.  I suppose the unintended benefit is that you guys know I’m reading your comments when they go up.

Another issue for me is that I don’t know how to put up a blog roll.  I prefer to have links on the side directing you guys to the other blogs I frequent.  But I can’t find this widget in the WordPress software.

Fixing these issues is slow-going for me.  I’m on the go most of the time, and this blog is not my main source of income.  In fact, I derive no income from my writing at all.  This whole operation serves more as an outlet than anything.  Restoring my blog potential remains a day-by-day situation for now.


Current Projects

– I am halfway through transferring my monarchy series from the other blog.
– I am halfway through a series that responds to John C. Wright’s anti-monarchy article, “Unanswered Equality Challenge.”
– I’m now a contributor to Men of the West, The Counter Revolution, and OnePeterFive
–  I have just published a book, available on Kindle, titled 2017: Let Them Be For Signs.  This book covers the astronomy/prophecy craze we all experienced throughout 2017 by going through about a dozen blog posts I wrote throughout the year.  For the price of a vending machine snack, you can help to support my writing, here at Forge and Anvil.  (Please also consider purchasing Bovodar & the Bearsa fantasy-based coming-of-age story in a world of magic, talking beasts, and adventure.)  You’d warm my heart even more by leaving some reviews of these books on Amazon.


Near-Future Projects

– Black History Month is coming up, a time in which I take Jessie Jackson’s advice and participate in “a conversation about race”
– I’m wanting to put out an ebook of my monarchy posts
– I’m more than halfway done with a fantasy sequel.  Encourage me and buy the first book, Bovodar and the Bears.

It’s been a heck of a year.  Here’s to hoping that 2018 is even better!




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