Black Leftist Academics, White Virtue-Signalers & The MLK Banner

Seeing the lack of interest in my Martin Luther King Jr. post this week has been fascinating.  There wasn’t much interest in the subject matter at all.  The blog post, I suppose, is going to simply be one of those posts that ultimately ends up being self-serving for me, and something that I refer to in future posts.  For example, if I’m on Twitter, Facebook, or some other platform in the future, and I encounter someone who argues with me that MLK stood for a colorblind society, I can always link to my blog to set them straight.

I’ve had my thoughts about why the post wasn’t very popular.  On Facebook, I admitted: “I’m amazed at how little traction this post is getting. I think that most people just don’t want to hear about MLK and the race problem because they’re so damned tired of it being shoved in their faces. I can’t blame people, though.”

Although, on the same platform, one person came out as a witness to what happened during the time of MLK:

I remember him. He was definitely not for a “color-blind” society. He incited race riots, oh yes he did! He did not say “go out and riot and loot.” He said he wanted “peace”. But the people he inspired did go out and riot and loot. The people he inspired did want ‘black Power’. The people he inspired did not build up, but tore down a culture. I watched the destruction. I watched a public school that had formerly taught its students Latin, and great literature, become a, a, um, one of those holes that everyone is talking about. I watched lovely parks with pools and trees and green grass become those kind of places too. And lovely tree lined streets with beautiful buildings that housed restaurants and theatres and department stores, became slums. This is what his adherents went out and achieved. And now he has his very own holiday. Imagine.

I have no way of confirming or denying what this person wrote, as I wasn’t there.  However, if MLK truly was not an advocate for a colorblind society–and if the rumors of his communist sympathies, his adultery, and his plagarism are true–then I cannot help but lean towards the possibility that the man would have exploited the situations presented to him in the same manner as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Obama.


Who Are The Messengers Who Announce (Proudly) MLK’s Anti-Universalism?

In writing the yesterday’s article, MLK Did Not Want A Colorblind Society, I found some interesting facts. Just who are the people that claim Ronald Reagan abused and misappropriated Martin Luther King Jr.’s message?

Ronald Turner

To start with, we have a lawyer.  His name is Professor Ronald Turner.  This man is a lawyer who works out of the University of Houston Law Center.  He is a black man.  He is an expert in labor, employment, and constitutional law (just like Obama!).  He teaches about labor law, constitutional law, and employment discrimination.  He is the one who wrote the college paper I cited,  The Dangers of Misappropriation: Misusing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy to Prove the Colorblind Thesis.

Donna Murch

Donna Murch is another person I cited in yesterday’s blog post.  Like Ronald Turner, she is a black person.  So, understandably, she has a direct investment in the meaning of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.  I linked to her article about MLK, which is called Five Myths About Martin Luther King, and the first myth she ticks off about the man is: “1. King believed in a color-blind society.”

Murch is also a creature of academia.  But her topics of interest are more specialized, as she focuses on the war on drugs, Black Power and civil rights, and California social movements.  An associate professor at Rutgers, her views were nurtured and shaped at Berkeley, a university that physically cannot stand nor tolerate conservative right-wing voices.

Justin Gomer and Christopher Petrella

These two men often work together to write papers about race issues.  They seem inseparable when it comes to finding their essays in various publications.  Unlike the first two people I’ve mentioned, these two guys are quite white.  This duo is responsible for teaming up and writing Reagan Used MLK Day to Undermine Racial Justice.  Happy and proud to speak up for black causes, these two men were also cultivated in the warm embracing halls of U.C. Berkeley.  And strangely enough, even though these men are not black, they have managed to have their work featured in the journal: “Black Perspectives.”  Strange, considering that their perspective is that of white men.

Gomer’s entire career is shaped around virtue-signalling for black people.  He actually has a PhD in African American Studies.  Unfortunately, in spite of all of the money and debt he must have accrued to obtain that doctorate, he is still relegated to the position of assistant professor.  He teaches American Studies at California State University.  Maybe someday, perhaps in ten or twenty years, he might be able to get a tenured position.  That is, so long as the college bubble doesn’t burst.

Gomer’s buddy, Petrella (also white), also has his doctorate in African American Studies from U.C. Berkeley.  Trapped in a seemingly never-ending purity spiral for “the cause,” Petrella has his finger in everything, as he’s doing his best to make a reputation for himself.  He works with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Center for Community Change at Berkeley and Columbia University, and he works with BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity).  Petrella has also played a leading role in developing political education material  for Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights campaign.

So next time you hear about some kind of a black rights event, who knows?  Perhaps a white man named Christopher Petrella was one of the guys behind the scenes pulling the strings to make it happen.  (Much as it was Jewish involvement–not black involvement–in bringing about the NAACP.)

Tanner Colby

This writer was cited in my last article as having written Politicians Have Abused Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream.  Like the last two guys, Tanner Colby is not black.  He is white.  In fact, he was never even raised in an environment with black people.  He is a complete outsider.  (I wonder if perhaps Gomer and Petrella are the same in this regard.  Were they raised in a white, gated community?)  In fact, Tanner happily and gullibly admits that his origins are not rooted in the black community at all:

“But somewhere in all my excitement over America’s first black presidential nominee, I came to a not-small realization: I didn’t actually know any black people. I mean, I’ve met them, have been acquainted with a few in passing, here and there. I know of black people, you could say. But none of my friends were black. I’d never had a black teacher, college professor, or workplace mentor. I’d never even been inside a black person’s house.”

Tanner Colby wrote the cringe-worthy title, Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America.  He also writes for Slate.  Once, he was even featured in Ebony.  What glee he must have experienced on that day!  An Obama voter, he lives in Brooklyn.



I’m just trying to have a conversation about race in this country.  And, after all, Justice Sotomayor once stated in 2014 that

“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to speak openly and candidly on the subject of race, and to apply the Constitution with eyes open to the unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination.”


That’s all I’m doin’.  I’m just speaking candidly with my eyes open to every fact.  After all, aren’t we honestly wanting to confront this disparity that exists between whites and blacks?  Are we not trying to be transparent and forthcoming about what’s really been going on?  Don’t we want to cut away the lies and facades of this issue?

Of course, then there’s statements from race pimps like Al Sharpton who say that “We need a real conversation about race in this country, not the same old right-wing divide and conquer garbage.”  Yet it sounds to me, Sharpton, like it’s the Right who has been trying to maintain a universalist colorblind narrative and direction for America.  It is the Right who have, to their detriment, tried to create a sense of equity among peoples in this continent.  It is the Left who seeks to divide us all, as they preach against universalism and a colorblind society.

The Alt-Right is condemned for throwing out the colorblind, civic national mindset.  The Intellectual Alternative Right is persecuted and excoriated as racists for daring to speak up for whites and to differentiate themselves from blacks and other ethnicities.  It is only the Left in this country who are permitted to be ethnocentrist.  The Left are allowed to celebrate their chosen race, whether it be Jewish, black, or Mexican.  Only they are allowed racial pride.  The White Right is relegated to the self-destructive  thesis of American colorblindness espoused by buffoons such as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.  A match is being played against the Right, and the latter is for the most part, pretending there is no match at all.

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  1. If you have received little response on this topic, in my mind it could be 1) race/MLK fatigue, or 2) shadowbanning.

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