A List of Last Year’s Guest Posts

Okay folks.  It’s been a long night for me.  No real writing.  Just moving files over.

Last year, I managed to syndicate guest posts at several other websites.  Again, my thanks to all of these folks for featuring my writing on their websites.  Tonight, I have put up these articles here, at my new blog.  If you missed my little tour last year, here’s your chance to catch up on some missed articles.

Men of the West:

Christopher Columbus: The Man Should Be A Saint
If Democracy Doesn’t Deliver, Dispense With It.
Happy Kwanzaa: A Grievance Towards Blacks

Vox Cantoris – Tulsa TLM: Under Siege

Fellowship and Fairydust – Uranus–Emperor Of All Planets–Greets Us From Pisces

Stares at the World – Inheritance: Wretched 20th Century Generations

The Eponymous Flower– Sharing The Love On Fatima’s Anniversary


“A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope”
Latin: The Sacramental Language

Musings of an Old Curmudgeon:

Monarchy: I Will Answer John C. Wright’s “Unanswered Equality Challenge”

The Counter-Revolution:

Cultural War: They’re Coming To Destroy Your Inheritance
Free Speech: Democracy’s Tool
Magna Carta: Golden Legend and Cliché


UPDATE:  Today (1/18), I’ve got another guest post out there:

Alternative Right.blogspot.com:

MLK Did Not Want A Colorblind Society



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