At Men of the West: Alt-Right Meet Rad Trad

Over at Men of the West, I continue to mention the parallels I see between the Alt-Right and the “Rad Trad” movement.  I tried discussing this correlation in a previous article, titled: Overlap Between Traditional Catholics and the Political Right.

These two movements of people just seem too similar to ignore.  And there is definitely some crossover between the two.  For example, I’ve seen many Traditional Catholics actually root for the Alt-Right’s causes on certain occasions.  And vice-versa, I’ve seen quite a few Alt-Right types actually convert and defend Catholicism, including Davis Aurini, Andy Nowicki.

Both the Alternative Right and the Traditional Catholics have fought against the unhealthy transformation of their organization.  Moderate sell-outs are viewed as trendy and “with it.”  Those who hearken back to sensible positions of ages past are viewed with suspicion and heaped with scorn–even by those on “their side.”  The Alt-Right is a mocked and demonized political group that seeks to steer the remains of Western civilization towards preservation and stability.  The Traditional Catholics are a persecuted people who struggle to hold onto whatever remnants of the Church they can, keeping the pilot light on amidst an ever-growing abomination of desolation.

Read my entire article, Alt-Right, Meet Rad Trad, at Men of the West.

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