The Blood Moon and the State of the Union

Tonight, as many know, the moon itself will be full for the second time this month.  It will be closest to the Earth in its orbit, making for a startlingly large lunar eclipse.  Is it not ominous that an extremely rare, large, bloody blue moon correspond so timely with the most important speech by the leader of the free world?  And let’s be honest, neither Trump’s speech—as optimistic as it was—nor the Left’s reactions to it demonstrate a healthy nation.  The president would not have had to make such an emotionally-triggering speech if we had a healthy country.

Perhaps it is no accident that this presidential speech and the large blood moon coincided this week.  Each of them look as though they portend something ruinous further down the line.  And with last year’s track record for strange astronomical omens, it would not be surprising if this January’s “sign in the sky” is more significant than most realize.


State of the Union: The Left is Mad

President Donald Trump said in his speech that “the state of our Union is strong because our people are strong.  And together, we are building a safe, strong, and proud America.”  Yet he is wrong.  The state of our Union is quite divided.  It is the weakest it has ever been since the Civil War, if not worse.

One factor that holds our Union together is the same that has always held us together since the Civil War: force.  Brutal, lethal, overwhelming force is what ties America’s two opposing sides—one of them being feral and vicious—together in an unnatural state.  Our law enforcement and military are armed to the teeth and well-versed in controlling our population.  (Rex 84, anyone?)  Is it unreasonable to consider that if we were missing a few of our liberties, this country might resemble a soviet prison state?

Technology is another factor that keeps the United States together and pacified.  Famed exorcist Fr. Paul Ripperger once noted in a talk that if our society did not have the level of technology that we have now, our entire system would have collapsed in on itself quite a while ago.  Our baubles keep us sedate.  Our telephones, televisions, radios, and computers—and all of the special networks that come with them—keep the majority of Americans under the impression that all is well, the world is sane enough to live in, and that someone reasonable is in control.  Our creature comforts have the effect of bread and circuses.

One look at the Left’s reaction to Trump’s speech this week will tell you all you need to know about the state of our society. Democrat leaders were sullen and cheerless at all points where Trump discussed national unity.  Black leftists were grim and stone-faced, not breaking into any kind of smile, upon hearing of the lowest black unemployment numbers since those records began.  The glitchy Democrat response was set to be fully oppositional to the president, as though he were the Devil himself.  And news stations demonstrated their bias, as they immediately began to negatively pick apart the speech, seeking to latch onto whatever dark scandal they could verbally concoct.  The ACLU took issue with his speech because, of all things, he dared to say the word “America” too much.

In short, the Left in this country is insane.


War With Non-Americans Is Inevitable

An airy, fabricated witch hunt seeks to tie Donald Trump to an imagined conspiracy with the Russian government.  (Nevermind the fact that actual collusion with a foreign power—Israel—is real, tangible, and far more provable.  But it has been this way with every modern president.)  And yet, this president is proclaimed a guilty obstructionist for patiently and systematically uncovering the actors of this conspiracy.

The madness of the Left is apparent to more people now than ever before.  These people do not want a stable and prosperous country.  They hate America.  Deeply.  They are seditionists who are playing a long game to subvert all American citizens.  They desire to replace all Americans with any foreigners they can bring in, changing the demographics of the U.S. forever, and ensuring the defeat of the American people thirty years from now.

Leftist Democrats love their hyphenated terminology, whether it’s African-Americans, Asian-Americans, or Hispanic-Americans.  They use identity politics to confuse and divide their enemies.  But the hyphenated term that really should be attributed to the entire Left is “non-American.”  The non-American Democrats are not American in the ways that count.  Instead, the Left seeks to disenfranchise all actual Americans and replace them with non-Americans of every kind.  They want to erase your culture, your history, your sovereignty, your rights, your employment, and ultimately your lives.

This goes beyond paper citizenship.  The Left is out to get everyone who is culturally as well as genetically American.  Yes, I am speaking of white Americans descended from the colonists.  You may not be a racial supremacist…but the Left is definitely comprised of them.  (It is true that many immigrants wholly and completely embrace their paper American citizenship.  It is true that these sorts and their descendants may fully integrate into the American culture in three or more generations.  However, the war against American whites is real, provable, and undeniable.)

If history is any guide, the non-Americans will follow in the footsteps of the rabid abolitionists of the American Civil War.  They will co-opt the military, they will assume control of the local police force, they will work half of the country against itself, and they will use the moderate weaklings on the Right to betray whoever has a strong stance against the Left’s hegemony.  There will not be a Mason-Dixon Line this time around, as everyone has been skillfully mixed together into a chaotic soup, guaranteeing maximum anarchy when the time comes.  In the end, the non-Americans hope, this continent will be reduced into a boiling stew of chaos many times greater than the tragedy of Venezuela.



The moon is known for being a cause for madness.  There is a historical relationship between the words “lunacy” and “lunar.”  And tonight this symbol will be in our face more than before.  For the Catholics, the moon is a symbol of the mother of Christ.  Mary is the moon who receives grace from Christ, symbolized by the sun.  The moon is dependent on the sun for light, just as Mary is dependent upon her Son for grace and glory.  And when the sun goes down, the moon rises as a sign of hope that the sun will return, just as Mary is a sign of hope for Christ’s eventual return.

So, shall tonight’s blood moon also be a symbol for the bloody tears of Mary?  Shall the blood moon be a symbol of her pierced heart, as she has been warning the world of something terrible in our future?  Could this blood moon serve as a herald for a period of deranged, senseless revolution?  The behavior of the non-American Left certainly indicates this.

It is good for our spirits to be high this week.  Voting for Donald Trump was our wild card, and he’s paid off big time.  We have a victory for as long as this man sits behind the president’s desk.  But in this democracy of elected representatives, is there anyone else who shares this sense of energy and conviction?  We’re having a great time thus far.  It appears that America is going to be great again.  Yet what happens when the power rolls over to the other political party in a few years from now?








3 Comments on “The Blood Moon and the State of the Union”

  1. Good points made and much to pray about, then Do something about!
    It’s time that we Christians in this nation, got serious about our relationship with God and spoke up about our positions in society! Too much of the sin of Sloth, which causes us to sit back, do nothing, and just watch, with so many excuses as to why we can not get involved right now… the problem with that is one day it will be too late! Then we will wish we had gotten involved and spoken up, but it will be just more of a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” situation.
    C’mon people! Let us Speak Up already!!!
    By virtue of God’s saving grace, we have a responsibility given us by God to affect our surroundings and society! Not allow our surroundings and society to shape our minds and hearts. We should be Thermostats, which affect their surroundings, not Thermometers, which are affected by their surroundings!
    Let us be Proactive in our evangelizing efforts!
    In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  2. I’m so happy you’re back posting about signs etc. I enjoy reading your interpretations which are very logical and precise.
    Would someone please tell me why so many practicing Catholics refuse to believe in the signs of the immediate past times when they’re so obviously portentous?
    I very much like the new blog which is very informative, just as the ‘Hirsch Files’ were. May I thank you for what you do.
    God bless!

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