At Men of the West: Haiti Stopped Emancipation in the South

It is now February, which is the officially designated Black History Month.

For months, now, I’ve been looking forward to providing a piece about Haiti.  If only President Trump’s “shithole” comment about Haiti could have waited until this month, February.  What timing that would have been.

In any event, I consciously try not to discuss race issues explicitly, if I can help it–except during this time.

So, if we are to reflect on Black History this year, let’s take a look back at just how Haiti became so damned awful and why it is such a liability.  It is a trainwreck.  And the roots of its ruination stem from events shortly after the founding of the United States.

Head on over to Men of the West, where you can read all about how Haiti actually managed to spook the South so much, that they were cornered into a position that prevented them from giving up slavery.  Yes, you read that right.  It is quite possible that if it weren’t for the slave uprisings of Haiti, the American South may have been on its way to joining the North in emancipating its African slaves.

Just follow the following links to my friends at the Men of the West blog:

Haiti Spooked the American South: Part 1

Haiti Spooked the American South: Part 2

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